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Get Behind Me  Char discovers her life is a lie- Murder and corruption

Get Behind Me E-Book

In the Beginning  Yovonne shares her journey into adulthood, rape, murder, depression,PTSD

In The Beginning E-Book

Spoiled Broth  Elaine grows up with too many cooks in the kitchen she encounters thugs and corruption when she opens her own Bistro

Hoary Frost  Major Truman i campaigning to become State Representative. Emily while working on his campaign finds out he is not who he seems to be. Murder, corruption is only the beginning

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HeartThere are many formats out  for books. I choose the e-book format for my books. If you have a kindle they will not work. Let me suggest two options

Smile1. if you have an android device Phone or Tablet there is a free app available called FULL READER + ALL FORMAT READER

Cool 2. For your laptop or desktop computer  for $1.99 Freda + E Book Reader will read all formats.

I hope this is helpful in your selection of my books. Read on!