Apr. 4, 2016

Childs Simplicity

Child's simplicity


When I was a kid we went to the movies with our friends. Sitting in the first two rows you could act goofy without anyone really caring as long as you were not too loud. My one friend inevitably tried to gross us out. He would take the gum off the bottom of a seat and start chewing it. If I ever tried that I would be puking for a month. Another friend would always be the one to try and make you laugh. Something as simple as spelling Mi ss I ss I ppi . What kid did not laugh at the ppi part. We were so eager to laugh it would not take much.

The multiplex theaters offered an extra challenge. We decided to take this challenge one Saturday Matinee. There were two features we wanted to see, they were across from each other , scheduled fifteen minutes from the time one finished and one started. Our strategy was stay in our seats for as long as possible so as not to be noticed. Who ever would poke their heads in woulds think we left. We waited another few minutes. Tossing a coin determined the lookout. I lost the coin toss. My stomach was in a knot and I got the giggles. Which I do when I would do something I should not do. I slowly opened the door just a crack and noticed the hall was filled with patrons whom I believed were going into the theater across the hall. I called to my padres' and we slid ourselves between people. Next thing we needed to accomplish, go with the crowd so no one who had seen us before would notice us this second time. While we were moving with the crowd we quickly realized they were not moving across the hall but out the doors. There was a silent fire drill. Next week we would give it another try. We did laugh, the bravado escalated you would think we pulled it off.

Our capacity to find silly things to do or conjure up a good time was remarkable. Now as a senior I wish I could do this just as easily. Our challenges now are is making it through the movie without using the bathroom so many times you missed the plot or worse the good part. It is much easier to rent these days. Renting does not get you out of the house. Being out of the house is key to not losing your mind, or harming your spouse due to cabin fever. Your spouse no longer asks how your day was because they breath the same air 24/7. Making a decision what to do for fun would only start a redundant conversation such as”I do not know where do you want to go?” which is repeated in different intervals during a five minute conversation to which both parties shrug get in the car and end up going grocery shopping or for a ride along the same route you have taken 100 times before.

So your honor for someone to say we were reckless and uncaring was not our intent when we took Hilda's dentures and swapped them with Joe's. It was hilarious and that was our intent. I have to give Marvin credit he thought of the super glue.