Mar. 25, 2016

No Name short story by Christine Swiderski

No Name Chapter 1

Today someone called me a whore, how should I react to that. In my heart I am out going and generous. Do I consider the source? My girlfriend’s parents do not want me to hang with them they say I will be a bad influence. They may be right although I do not believe they know their own daughter. Their daughter worse things than I do.

I am not from the other side of the tracks or what some would call townie. My family is a sweet middle class family as screwed up as anyone else, yet since I am gregarious they deem me less than their precious ones who say what they want to hear and do what they want them to do when in their presence .

Just recently one of the good girls came to me wanting to know if I could get her some weed. I told her no I do not do that stuff, I could get her beer, not weed. She scoffed at that tipped her head in a way to put me down and in my place. My mom told me people will do that only when they feel belittled by someone they deem unworthy. It is supposed to level the playing field it only serves the opposite.

I will be graduating this year my grades are good, 3.9 I want to raise it to 4.0 just to prove to the naysayers that I am worth a second look. But mainly because I want to get into a good college. My goals are more along the lines of communication, not just internet, nor advertising yet I will take classes to give me a broad base. I want to write the next best sitcom, also the next best novel, the next best something other than the trash I see now. Even at my age we have become whiny self-absorbed tyrants especially towards people, cultures that are not just like us. With that said I do not want to mix correctness into what I communicate. My hope is people will stop and think before they say or do. As the parents who believe I am a bad influence on their daughters, and call me a whore. My mother is my best advocate, My best friend happens to be the guy next door; no this is not going to be one of those things I say to you as the reader; and then later we marry and live happily ever after. Sometimes you can know someone too well and it leaves much to be desired, such as spontaneity, or intrigue. I still want intrigue. Yet I did lose my virginity to Nelson. We were both 13 horny and curious, I trusted him he trusted me. It was actually funny because we had no idea what we were doing. Nelon had condoms we read the instructions and still were not sure how to put the condom on him correctly. He was nearly done by the time I was done helping him put it on.

You see after that experience with Nelson; I would have the image in my head when we would be ready to make love, him being the fumbling drooling, pimple faced guy, and me being the take charge I read the directions it is done this way girl. Sometimes we leave things to the imagination it lasts years longer, yet this makes Nelson a priceless best friend.

No Name Chapter 2

Graduation came I was thrilled. I was not the valedictorian. You nearly have to be the harvest queen or something, yet I was the runner up. Salutatorian when they called my name Emma Hunter I actually heard a small gasp as if someone made such a dreadful mistake. What the whore is our schools Salutatorian? Will she not embarrass our school somehow in the future?

Nope I will not but the Valedictorian just might pose nude for a magazine to make extra cash for her habits that her parents do not know about. Then one day when she becomes Miss America all those pictures will come forward and the crown will be instantly tarnished.

Yes admittedly I am a bit bitter. One day their heads will turn and they will be asking me for advice. Or at least my autograph. Shall I rise above and not tilt my head in such a way to dismiss them? Hmm no I am not that evolved. I will have my body guards hold them off I will look benignly over their shoulders as if I did not see them, cuz this girl is moving up in the world.

I told my parents, do not put money aside for a dowry, I want to go to college .I do not want to share a room with a Valley Girl, K’ I want privacy and space. Also and this is the part I did not want to say out loud to my parents, I want privacy for other explorations. I will not experiment in drugs, yet there are a few things I am truly interested in. I will be incredibly selective, which will surprise even some of my suitors.

Time has finally arrived for me to drag my worldly goods to college my parents in all their wisdom found a flat for me. The flat isjust outside campus, pricey but oh so roomy and private. Something I did not know even before I was born my parents had high hopes for me. Gerber baby food, owned by Johnson and Johnson has a plan to put money aside for your baby- slash child’s education. My parents did that and other things that ensured me a good education and yes my sweet home away from home.

I also put money aside to buy used furniture, so I would not have to work to many hours to have fun. I have my nest egg, I can study and still afford to let lose once in a while.

My first night in my flat alone was a lot to absorb. First time home alone knowing parents will not be home soon. Nelson is now hours away not just next door. He chose a college across the country from mine. Yet with internet and cell phones, it can take the edge off the newness of the situation. I will not be mad at Nelson for already making friends, he chose dorm life. When I called he picked up I hear male voices clamoring to get noticed, not quite the party atmosphere yet, just the males of the jungle setting up the pecking order, who can be the most something or other.

I settle back in this big over stuffed new chair, yes new. I wanted one thing new that could be my go to spot, this red, micro fiber overstuffed overpriced chair will be my go to spot, my comfort zone.

Most of the classes I took first semester were the requirements. I plan on sitting in on my electives so I can pick and choose who my professor will be. I looked at the list of possibilities then checked if their class was filling up quickly. Just because something is popular doesn’t mean it will give you the best information. You have to be able to step back and be circumspect, look at all the angles.

Once I make a decision of whom my professor will be I will spend some of my time if I have it, to get to know the professor.

For example Communications filled up quickly, the professor was tall good looking with great hair, good speaker. Listening to some of his past classroom performances, yes performances I knew I wanted someone with more substance.

I found just the one this professor has tenure he also spent time in the military, has 3 kids, been married twice, and is approximately 45 years old. No real presence, yet l get the impression from listening to his past classes on line. He has substance, many students transfer to Mr. Hollywood, because Professor Spenser is too hard. His class is directed to Journalism even though it is called communication. His theory is a Journalist is to journal an activity or event not to editorialize the event.

No Name Chapter 3

My second semester I took a side step 2 less classes than what I had initially thought I would take. That was Carl’s fault he was in the drama department or should I say curriculum. He wanted to be a dancer, singer performer. I can tell you one thing for certain that man can perform. Do not judge him because he wears tights. Okay enough about that, let’s me just say I am one satisfied girl even though I will be paying for it along the way because I will have to make up the time by squeezing in 2 classes somewhere so as I can graduate within my plan.

One more thing, Carl was worth it even those nights when I sat up till the wee hours of the night studying. I could barely keep my eyes open in class I was used the recorder on my phone so I could play catch up. Which I did a lot of catch up that second semester.

The second semester was boring in comparison. I did accomplish a lot. I am saving Professor Spencer’s class on Communication till first semester of next year. I want, English Lit, History, government, you know the usual suspects, yet I want more.

Midterm was a bear; I did do well at 3.8 I blame that on Carl, which I will take the hit because as I said he was so worth it. I am working at this communication with you as the reader, trying to write this more as a journal than an editorial. If I were to tell you about Carl and editorialize it; I would tell you of his prowess as a male and compare him to what other women and men said he was. No this would not be accurate as a Journalist I want to journal an accurate description of events without the added editorial. Professor Spencer believes we have enough editorialists in the media, he wants to see more journalists, I am giving it my best shot.

I have considered becoming a more palatial writer to give this intrigue, having a chance of gleaning more of a readership. I will not do it. Sensationalizing for profit is not something I want to do. This will only be a journal of what transpired in my life during my college years as to my goals not my conquests.

During my quest to be a good student also becoming who I want to be when I grow up I decided to forgo the university initiation invitations which friends invited me to. The parties of the century. See remember I am the one they said I would not amount to much (Professor Spencer I know you want this to be a journalistic approach, this portion was a gratuitous moment) yes I am throwing this in here for self-pleasuring affirmation.

Sigh, I try not too. It is difficult to separate yourself from those moments which affect your soul, beliefs, social status, political views, which if you take all those things many Journalists place into their articles they would be considered editorials, not articles. Articles are art – facts of events not Ed’s tutorials.

As my day progressed, looking out my window in the distance I see a fire. At first it seemed as a house fire; with the origins unknown. As a reporter I would say “house fire on 39th street Edwards district, fire department dispatched arrived in 15 minutes, 20 or more people milling about.”

Now to editorialize that I would add “It took the fire department 15 minutes to arrive on the scene, which is bewildering due to the fact they were 2 blocks away was it because it was in the neighborhood of a Hispanic community?” No I would only give the facts of what occurred, what the cause and affect were, then from there let those who read and want to know what is going on in their community to ask the questions.

Professor Spenser is leaving me with a question “What is the motive or the goal of a reporter to give you more than just facts about an event?”

No Name Chapter 4

If a reporter reports more than the events which occurred then add human interest events, such as a mom or dad grieving over the loss of a child, panning in to get the emotion on the faces of the parents. Sensationalizing an event to gain more readers or viewers; conversely how would our reports look like if the reporter stood in front of the house that burnt down, report the neighborhood, the cause, what the professionals had to say about the event such as the chief, or investigator. Is there a good reason to interview the people involved, home owners, neighbors, getting all the gossip as well as what happened? That will be a reporter’s decision made at the moment making a professional decision.

Back to me, I still have not clearly mapped out what I want to be when I grow up; my parents are wondering if what I want to be is a professional student. The cost of education is going up. I am trying to absorb as much knowledge as I can. To tell the truth I am considering getting my teaching degree. I could give high school students a head start in communications before they go to college and take a class like the one Professor Spencer gives.

I went this morning to the counseling center to review with the counselor what classes I need to add. Once we were finished, I started back to my flat and nearly was run over by a Volkswagen Beetle. The driver jumped out and apologized profusely. To be honest all I could hear in my head was what I was thinking “Wow he is gorgeous.” Once I realized he had stopped talking we were still in the middle of the street staring at each other. He reached his hand out to me and introduced himself as “Hunter Lawrence” I smiled and tried not to stutter “Emma Hunter” we both laughed what were the odds? Hunter asked if I wanted to go for coffee. Of course I said yes. He is first year Professor teaching Humanity’s we talked till it got dark and I was swimming in caffeine.

I am not sure what the rules are about me dating a professor, the guy is 3 years older than I am. Hunter says as long as I am not one of his students it should not be an issue. Good thing too. We ended up at the flat. The next morning was Saturday, I usually do laundry and study, but instead I did Hunter. He did help me with homework and laundry so we could spend all of Sunday together.

It is now the end of my second year at college I did hand in my journal to Mr. Spencer it looked nothing like this, I wanted to take out some of my yammering about personal things and just stuck with the facts. My parents are delighted I decided what to do with my life. I brought Hunter home and introduced him to my parents as my husband and we are expecting our first child. I supplement my income by writing articles for the local paper, I am glad you took the time to read this story about me; Emma Lawrence.