Apr. 6, 2016

Beyond the Mirror- Muse

Beyond the mirror


As I walk into the bathroom readying myself for the day. I turn left then right making sure everything is in order. Make up hair, clothing. Sniff test under the arms, smooth out the garments. I am ready for the day. My appearance is crucial in the daily bump and grind. Teeth are pearly white showing my smile as brilliantly as I hope people see me. My car is clean and tidy, trendy, polished to a sheen. I enter work with the trendy cup of coffee in hand. I nod the gesture hello to all I see. Stepping into the elevator others look over taking in all of me. I see their admiration I am sure they want to be me. I smile a nod to those who stay behind hailing them on their way. Pushing through the doors of the office workers turn to me, they nod their greeting. I smile my brilliant smile for all to see.

My boss walks over to greet me in my heart I hope this is the day that he will say “Come with me, you have been promoted.” This thought rises to my heart, palms are sweating with anticipation my boss nods leans in and says “Did you know your skirt is tucked into your pantyhose in the back.”