Apr. 7, 2016

Taking a walk


 Each morning it is the same routine. Sam and I head out the door for a walk. As we walk along Sam on her lead, heeling next to me. We pass neighbors all say hi to Sam I wave for her. I wonder sometimes if they even notice me. This morning was no different. A routine I never tire of. It is the highlight of my day. As we approach the corner of 2nd and Billings I noticed someone up ahead. I cannot tell if it is a man or a woman sitting on a bench. Their head was down. I speak softly to Sam “Be good, heal” she knows what I mean, I am not sure what is up ahead. As we get closer Sam wags her tail. Pulls a bit to the left, positioning herself closer to the person on the bench. I quietly say “No Sam.” She relents and moves back into position. As we pass I glance over my shoulder. The person had not moved yet I was able to perceive it is a man. Sam and I continue for another 4 blocks before we turn and head back. Stopping at the local bakery I tap lightly on the window. Paul and his wife Millie run the bakery. They both look up smile wave and say “Hi Sam!” Paul comes out with a bread stick for Sam and a coffee for me. Always on the house. Paul and Millie adore Sam. Paul and I chat about the weather, local news. As we converse an ambulance goes by as well as a police car. We shrug it off as a daily occurrence.

Sam and I say our goodbyes then headed back home. After 3 ½ blocks, I can see up ahead where the ambulance and patrol car pulled to the curb near to the bench. There was a man lying on the gurney the attendant was pulling a sheet over his head. When Sam and I get near Sam let out a howl. Looking down at her I wondered what had come over her. I knew the patrolman he nodded and said “Hey Sam. Joyce? I think this is for you.” Officer Connor handed me an envelope with my name written in cursive on it.

Once Sam and I arrived home I opened the envelope pulled out a letter that said:

Hello; my name is James Wilson I am your biological father. I was hoping to meet you but could not find your home address. I am hoping you will receive this letter upon my passing. I just wanted you to know you were wanted by me and loved but due to unforeseeable circumstances I was unable to care for you. Your mother passed away soon after you were born. I was hoping to give you a hug before I passed on.