Apr. 8, 2016

Sleet - written for those who mourn- by Christine Swiderski



Sleet pelting my window.

My heart feels as cold. This day started warm and sunny yet ended with a cold harsh reality. Love conquers all they say. Yet when that love slowly becomes emaciated in front of you how do you cope? Loving with all your being remembering the great moments only can give so much. Time they say heals all wounds. The sleet pelting my window I can feel it within my soul as the sound hammers the cold stinging pelts leaving scars on my heart. The silence is deafening now that everyone has left. It has been weeks now yet it seems like yesterday. Should have been the fall of our lives yet the sleet came and beat us both down. Cancer they said. I can never visit your grave if I do I am afraid I will fall in with you never to rise up and push back the sleet.