Apr. 16, 2016

I Can't By Christine Swiderski

I can't

Saving my soul
We started fresh
Only you darling.
I saved myself
You took me
Only you.
I hoped to be safe
I was not.
Your baggage
Was heavy
Opening each clasp
Lifting a corner
There was not
a glimmer of light.
Your need was great!
I couldn't unpack
Your baggage.
Our lives escalated
You threw the baggage
And then physically
Strangled me with it.
Abusive, in every way
I became Stockholm-ed
Did not know myself.
Should I go or stay?
Strength came when,
I left.
It took time to empty,
My baggage and yours.
Now I am free.
Happy without a care
Knowing I am safe.
Knowing it was not
My fault.

Christine Swiderski