Apr. 18, 2016

Scents and Senses

Scents and Senses


The path has a layer of pine needles. Walking along I do not tread lightly. The heated pine scent drifts subtly to my nose. Gently I breath it in allowing myself to linger. Heat radiates from the earth as well as the sun. Spring freshness brings my senses to life. Deer and other wild life feast on the fresh green forage. As though it was a buffet of caviar and champagne.

Combining sounds of trills, twitters, croaks spring forth a melodious song. Skittering to and fro life brings it's gratitude with ever present joy. Mating and nesting, young soon to be creating their own song.

Shake off the shackles of winter, the dust drifts threw the air as the rugs are whipped into submitted freshness. Windows, railings, floors washed eager to reflect bright freshness.

Children's laughter, jostling carousing adds a boisterous call to remember my childhood. Taunting me to put down the rake and play. My gardening is my joy. Wandering through the garden seeing the tips of new life. I name the tip of this life telling it to be strong and healthy.

Wiping the sweat off my brow, bending and stretching my back I raise my voice to the heavens and thank my creator for creating such beauty and allowing me to tend to it.