Apr. 19, 2016

Parental Responsiblity


 We want our children to see beyond the TV. WIFI, let's give nature a try. What is a Jack Pine? Find a tree to climb. The Web in their head is not built by a spider that came along side her. What is the harm enjoying outdoors charm? Trail blazing can be amazing. Building stuff from the ruff.

Take WIFI away I say. Children will learn to play. Hop Scotch is fun to watch, yet playing is as fun as Gaming. Shake off Facebook, it is just a hook. To keep the mind entwined, with obscure community with no immunity. Show our children a community with unity. Does it matter if we scatter our children from reality?

My fear is what lurks in the corners. Predators with no borders. Our Child can be beguiled. Easily done with a puppy and no gun.

Teach them there is fun beyond the crumb the internet begets. We are defiled when a child is put in a van by a guy name Stan. We wring our hands as we stand. Not knowing who owned the van.

Police are not our release. The answer is eliminating the cancer. Disconnect both child and parent from the net. Back to the days we were all in a faze. Dinner together, with laughter and chatter this is what is the matter. No longer connected to human is neglected. The wire is plugged into that is what is askew, no longer talking to the few. Ambiguous is the mass media. How then do we contend.

Take back what is ours repair the lack. This leaves business to snack on others with no genius. Do not dumb down our children. Creating another problem. Rise entrepreneurs, which have the cures for societies maladies.

Do not tax the brains who sustain the mediocre. Instead tax the lax encouraging brilliance beyond their resilience. Rise up the down trodden with more than the modern. Work ethic is not pathetic. It is the means to an end we all need to defend.

Let there be glory in our story. America is no longer a problem to ponder. No longer an experiment nor an excrement. What was it our fore father's meant? Who fills the shoes of those true blue? Let us ponder beyond yonder, Lincoln was he thinking? The answer has become a cancer with our politicians. They put on conditions which tax us beyond the max. Deluding our traditions enlarging their fruition’s. Just to get elected as we suspected.
What is the answer I say display? Where do we turn for what we yearn? Turn back the clock to yesteryear get back in gear. Rebuild the American dream making it once again pristine.