Apr. 19, 2016

Sheri's Married

There once was a girl named Sheri, she took seriously her job when she married. Clean to a sheen, would never eat ice cream. She felt thin is in, fat would not be as compact. One day she decided, her vows were one sided. Ice cream she ate, dinner was late. Her husband said let's go to bed, I am hungry for you not what you can do.
Next day she made a list, did this with a fist. Her heart was fine her mind was kind, yet something seemed amiss with her wedded bliss. What to do she wanted to pursue.
Sheri took a walk give to it some thought.
Sheri thought it was scary, her husband decided to marry. They dated she waited, it never seemed to be what he deemed a need, then one day he did concede to marry.
What was it he wanted most is what Sheri was to query. Was it a wife with not strife? Or life with passion dinner in some fashion. Floors are clean with no sheen.
Creating home where all are welcome. Better to eat between the sheets then spend time cleaning the blinds.
Yet as you would expect, Sheri knew in a few, they would clash if he did not take out the trash. How to endure, is there a cure? Yes of course with no remorse. No expectations within the relations. Hope is soap on a rope, as you shower to save water.

Christine Swiderski