Apr. 20, 2016

Hustle and Bustle

Hustle and Bustle
Of a different sort.
Walking quickly
As a Sport.

Summer fun
Gathering some
Bring a picnic
Salads and the chick

Suntans sunburns
Do some earn
Forgetting the ice
and cold wind slice

Children run
Creating their fun
Hide and seek
Let us peek

Dogs and squirrels
Chase unfurls
Cat and mouse
Get out of the house.

Songs play
Marking the day
Remembering laughter
Forever after

Barbeque is nothing new
Burgers and brews
Just to name a few
Done outdoors after chores.

Lovers meet
Promises a treat
Naked bodies
with cold toddies

Skinny dipping
Margarita sipping
Outdoor concerts
Songs and flirts

Memories of hot sand
holding hands
Burdens a few
life is anew

Christine Swiderski