Apr. 22, 2016

Capricious By Christine Swiderski



I met Tig 10 years ago. He has been my husband now 5 years. We dated the first 5 years on and off. Tig changed his mind as much as a woman. I think that is what I like most about him. On a whim we would take time off from work to scurry away. He would always chose a spot. Each spot was different then the other. Being an army brat, having moved so many times seems to be the reason for my infatuation with Tig. His name is actually Tom but I call him Tig because he reminds me of Tigger in the Winnie the Pooh series. Hyper bouncing around. This particular junket we ended up in Michigan on Drummond Island. It was exceptional. Found a rental on the water. Nary a soul around. We watched Freighters go by. I especially loved to watch at night with a full moon. You can hear the hum of engines the splash of waves against the hull and shore. Sitting around a campfire with our dogs, cold beer and each other. Moonlight making love on the cool wet sand. Mornings at sunrise with a cup of coffee watching Tig walk the girls along the beech. Heavenly. When Tig suggested we moved here I was shocked. We have moved twice since we have been married always for career opportunities. I was no where near ready to retire. Tig wanted to pull up a chair and write. He is a good writer. He has made a good living writing under a ghost signature.

Drummond Island is heavenly in the summer. Plenty of activity with vacationers and boaters but winter I am sure it would be desolate. I told Tig it brings to mind the movie “The shining” I laughed and asked if that's his goal to write the next weird fiction. He laughed and said no he just needed space to chill. He admitted to me his hyper behavior has a lot to do with the need to get away from the hustle and bustle. I love this man yet I do not buy into his explanation. I decided to do some exploring myself. I received a call from the investigator I hired, I wanted to know if Tig has been fired, or if there is something he is running from.

My thought was he had been fired or did something illegal and he was hiding from it. What I found out shocked me beyond my own capacity to reason. I am not his wife, he is legally married to one other woman, plus another pretend one just like me.

After putting my cup in the dishwasher I decided what I needed to do.


Hey Tig I rented a Jeep figured we could leave the girls here and do some off roading in the state forest.” He loved the idea.

When the Jeep was delivered I put my hand out for the keys. Tig was surprised he said “You never want to drive.”

Tig I want to drive this. I will probably go slow because I am a scaredy cat. I want to give it a try.”

The rental agent gave us satellite phones said push number one it will go to dispatch and they will come find us there is a GPS on the Jeep.

Off we went. Trails were groomed hills and turns I took my time until we were deep in the woods then I went for it. Reaching over I unclasped Tigs seat belt without him noticing. Hitting the accelerator we went up the hill and flipped.


Help arrived too late. The rental agent said my wife broke her neck.