Apr. 27, 2016


Purpose (12 random words)

{Purpose, brash, farm, delirious, preset, touch, knit, wide, explain, push, team, options}

Many who feel they are out of options explain they have tried everything. Our farm land is being sold off breaking up close knit communities. Our purpose as humans, tenders of this garden was preset years ago. Yet there seems to be a brash push away from teamwork of farming to cubicles of the city. Tedious boredom becomes a delirious obsessive behaviors. Alcohol and drugs do not help nor explain the inner need for all to be a part of something. This wide gap we have placed between wants and needs tears at the fabric of our well being. Scripture tells us to walk in the old paths. Technology and progress is good only if we maintain the human touch. Valuing a good days work, our farmers who put food on our tables. Bring back the old ways, reset the preset.

Christine Swiderski