Apr. 28, 2016

Opti- Short story

https://www.randomlists.com/random-words Using 12 random words to write a story about a dog.
{hysterical, Optimal, Dare, Roof, Telephone, Unite, Female, Bent, Deeply, Train, Hapless, Wave}

Opti (Short story)

My name is Opti. I believe it is short for Optimal. When my parents adopted me they had a list of what they wanted in a dog. I think it is hysterical because for some reason they chose me. They wanted small, male fuzzy dog. I am a large, female, short hair mixed bag of a dog. When they saw me they said I was the optimal dog. That is how they named me.
First day at my new forever home, mom started the water in the tub. She was looking at me with a smile. I looked at her with my, I dare you to try and put me in that tub look.
When she bent over to take hold of my collar I ran with hapless abandonment through the house looking for a place to hide.
That move only brought my new dad to unite with mom. Dad tried to sweet talk me. Then he added what he thought was a special move, he tried to wave me over saying “Come on let's go play.” I knew better.
I heard a ringing sound. It came from what people call the telephone. That left one parent to catch me and put me in that tub. I wailed and barked at her. Hoping she would feel deeply sorry for me. It did not work.
When dad came back he told my new mom that we were going to get a visitor. This visitor is arriving on a train after dinner. Mom smiled and seemed pleased. While mom was getting me wet and putting stinky stuff on me washing away all the good smells, she told me I would be nice and clean for our new visitor.
After she was done dad took me in the backyard. I sniffed around to see if there was any pee-mail. I wondered if they had a dog before me. I did not find any pee-mail, which explains why they do not know much about dogs, otherwise they would never have put me in that water.
I noticed something while we were outside. Looking up I stared at this high place. Mom came out and asked dad what I was looking at. He answered and said “The roof. I think she is thinking about a better escape plan for the next bath time.” He was right.

Christine Swiderski