Apr. 29, 2016



12 random words { Crook, Chivalrous, Legal, Peaceful, Stiff, Haircut, Torpid, Tightfisted, Helpless, Embarrassed, Self, Hat }


My life in one word Torpid, inactive in regards to relationships. I am waiting for my chivalrous night in shining armor. I am not helpless nor tightfisted. My friends say I am self reliant, not easily embarrassed with a good sense of humor. I am not old in the legal sense. Most of my girl friends are married with kids. All things I want.
Between work friends and close friends I have been on enough blind dates. The stiff first date is the worst. I decided to give it one last try, Paula has set me up with her cousin Craig. I decided to get my haircut and styled for the occasion, rather than wearing a hat. Curly hair gets unruly unless you keep it trimmed.
Paula planned the meeting to be in an informal gathering at her house. Their backyard barbeques are always delightful. When I first laid eyes on Craig my heart skipped a beat. I thought to myself I could fit in the crook of his arm. Paula introduced us, our hands clasped in a handshake which felt more like an embrace. His smile was peaceful and genuine. I gave Paula a look of gratitude and set out to get to know Craig.

Christine Swiderski