May. 7, 2016


Closer to the truth
Wallets being empty
Is not what impoverishes
Empty hearts, souls void.
Anger fisted rebellion
Impoverishes our towns.
Bring back the days
Respect is granted
Each neighbor doing their part.
Truth cries out in the streets
worn torn buildings
Desecrated by cities inhabitants
Their reasoning is
we have nothing
I am angry
Impoverished, no one cares.
What they do have
they tear down ripping away
The seams of the city
becomes seedy and dank.
No truth in the cries
Only anger and lies
Those in power take more
Give but a nod and a wink
Shaking hands with nefarious hearts.
Cry in the cities take back our towns
Starting with the politicians
Ending the rape and pillaging
of our beloved cities

Christine Swiderski