May. 9, 2016

Morning and Goodbyes (12 random words) 12 Random words

{Hysterical, Optimal, Dare, Roof, Telephone. Unite, Female, Bent, Deeply, Train, Hapless, Wave}

Mourning and goodbyes (Short story using 12 random words)

Sitting on the train staring out the window, I try my best to hold it together. I do not want to get hysterical in public. Losing my parents has been deeply troubling to me. A wave of nausea came over me. I wipe a tear from my cheek. On the roof of the train depot two doves huddled close together. This only made me more melancholy. They reminded me of my parents as they huddled together during the storm which took their lives.
A fine mist was falling, seemed more like a fog. Near the telephone an elderly couple was making a call. I could tell by the insistence the woman was upset. She clung to him crying. I wondered to myself if females, feel things more deeply and can optimally express their fears and grief. Or do males hold it in so as to seem in control?
I bent my head to the window, there was a younger couple sitting on a bench. Another group of people coming together with open arms to unite. A gentleman came onto the train. He bent down to ask if anyone was sitting with me. I shook my head no and wondered if my hapless appearance gave way to how I was feeling. He was well dressed in a suit and tie. Would he dare speak to me? I did not want to speak to anyone.

Christine Swiderski