May. 11, 2016

In the Silence

In the silence

Taking a breather from the grief. I walked to the edge of the lake. At first glance there was silence yet all around me the miniscule life was sing their song. Buzzing and swooping just above the glass like surface of the lake. Dragon flies, mosquitoes. Unbeknownst to the mosquito they were to be the delight of the Dragon fly. In this moment of silent pondering I glimpse across to the other shore. Mother bear was directing her cub to flee. Out of my peripheral a nesting robin feeding her young craving nourishment nestled in a crook of a limb.
How does life go on when all life seems to pass or stop. Living after a loved one passes brings symptoms of deep despair. Where do I turn to have some care given. How do I use the energy and love I placed into someone dear to me after they are gone?
As this thought whispered a gut wrenching sob from my very soul I glimpse downstream a rotted log drifting with no place to go. Clinging to this log was a muskrat nibbling on what seemed to be his meal. He was laid back as a person floating for enjoyment.
It seems Nature is trying to give me comfort yet still leaving me empty and melancholy I hear a piano's tune drifting on a soft breeze. Leaning my ear to its melody I try to phantom where it is originating from. Silently I ask what is that song being played? It is familiar to me. Suddenly I look up and see a rainbow. The answer comes in the instant of discovering the rainbow. The piano is gifting me with the reminder of “Amazing Grace.”

Christine Swiderski