May. 17, 2016

(12 random words)
{ stranger, injure, elated, book, sharp, flap, near, land, wink, exclusive, downtown, manage}


He was elated to see someone near him. I was hoping he understood my wink and mommy voice, which I use exclusively for a moment like this. I will book us into a pet friendly hotel. Pulling the flap back from my duffel bag I manage to move slowly as to not injure him more than he already was. I do not want to use any sharp sounds when I speak to him, he is already afraid. Being we are near downtown it should be easy enough to land a room in a pet friendly hotel. From there I will make him comfortable and find a vet who may make room visits.
Now that he is comfortable on pillows and towels. I gave him water and crackers. He settled in, at that moment I decided to call him Stranger. In time we will get to know each other.

Christine Swiderski