Glad I am here Series of 5 poems by Christine Swiderski

I am new not yet here forming, growing within, without

I hear sounds floating by:

I feel when you are angry, not knowing anger I feel fear;

I hear your voice

Sometimes happy, sad, anger, fear,

I do not know what these are, I feel safe here as I float,

I taste from you what you enjoy,

All are good for my wellbeing, I am loved,

I hear your whispers to me, as I float you are talking to me,

I am loved and warmed by the sound of your voice,

I see dark, I see red, as I float ;

Then it comes all at once I feel like moving and kicking,

I hear you laugh and feel your joy,

This is fun;

I need to stretch, I need to jump, now I will rest and float,

I am getting bored so here I come,

You cry , yell, scream,

I cry I am cold, I am scared,

I hear a name Samantha, is that me, I hear crying and laughing,

I am warm and being held I am loved.