May. 17, 2016

A new Start Poem #4

A new start, I am focused wanting to be a Nurse,
His name is Doctor Samuel,
I graduate with honors, glad I am here,
Start working at a Rehab clinic
I know why I am here,
Doctor Samuels first name is John,
Glad he is here, I am loved.
He said some called him a geek, he understands.
I told him about my past,
He said Samantha I understand, I am glad you are here,
You say Samantha he is a wonderful man,
She came in crying and screaming,
I held her told her I understood, it will be alright,
I know why I am here.
My dad walked me down the aisle; it is a beautiful day,
You say Samantha you look like an angel.
I am not feeling well, throwing up every morning,
It is worth it; glad you are here,
You say Samantha I am excited about my first grandchild,
The time is near; you will be here soon,
The pain is excruciating you are worth it,
Steven I am glad you are here.

Christine Swiderski