May. 17, 2016

Glad You are here #5

Glad you are here
I say “Hi mom you look good today”
You say “Steve you have grown into such a good man”
She means it I know, she misses dad, they had love like no other
I say “I had a good example to follow”
You say “He was my best friend, I miss him dearly”
I know mom is not doing well but I am glad she is here.
You say“ Life can be difficult dear, take time to listen”
She has told me that all my life, listen to life it teaches you, I tell my girls.
You say“ My time is near to join your dad”
I say” Not yet Mom”
I know she hangs on, wanting me to be prepared,
There is no preparing for loss.
I yell” Nurse, Nurse help!”
You say “l love you Steve”
As we say goodbye for the last time I lay a rose;
Your favorite color rose mom, peach.
I wish you were here.

Christine Swiderski