Our Journey By Christine Swiderski

May. 20, 2016

Our Journey

At times I am pensive
Lost in thoughts of us
Wondering if I am worthy
Hoping I am up for the task
You are a miracle
Deep within me
So much a part of me
Swimming through my heart
I fear all fears of a mother
Each second I wonder
How can I keep you safe
Praying you will be healthy
When you are here
I will count your breaths
Will I be able to sleep
In my slumber will I hear you?
Technology has bells and whistles
If these warnings go off
Will I be up to the task
Some say relax and enjoy
Others say lift a prayer
Give your hopes and fears
To the one who created you
Your name Madison means
Gift from God,
Your fathers name is Aaron
It means Spokes person of Moses
My name Is Jessica
It means Foresight, to see
Will you love pink like me
Or say no pink like your grandmother
Will you have a dimple like your dad
And thick hair like mine
Laughter is what I hope for
Health and joy for all your days
Madison my gift from God.

Christine Swiderski