May. 21, 2016

Delicate Beginnings

Blossoms scent fills the air
sweetly lingering
Each creature prepares
New arrivals springing forth
Mother doe readying
Her fawn will soon arrive.
Birds nestled
In a crook of a tree
Waiting for hatching to begin
All the while life is bursting
Some creatures are waiting
Others dancing with life
Buzzing can be heard
as insects enjoy the nectar
Humans hustle and bustle
wanting to enjoy life's pleasures
While creation creates
Each moment that passes
cannot be recreated
Inhale each moment
rejoicing in the dance of life.
Notice the swirl and twirl
of each creature
great and small hear their call
Peace be still
stop in your place
just for a moment
Hear the whisper of life
take it with you to lessen
your strife.

Christine Swiderski