Summertime Jumble by Christine Swiderski

Summertime Jumble


Tag your it starts the skit

Hopscotch is fun to watch

Popsicles, ice cream cones

Garden gnomes, patio stones

Old time rock and roll

Light the charcoal good for the soul

Playing Jacks shiny clean Cadillacs

Hide and seek lets take a peak

Around the corner red rover come over

Blow up pools garden tools

Lawn Mowers, Leaf blowers

Sounds of Summertime jumble

Sidewalk chalk tells a story

Bright blue Morning glories

Blow up pools there are no rules

Bug spray at the end of the day.

Fire Flies light the skies

Ice Cream Truck kids run amok

Sounds of Summertime Jumble

Lovers walk softly talk

In the moonlight loves delight

Amore is the story

Tiki torches, sitting on porches

Making tents out of blankets

Boot scoot boogie being silly

Sounds of Summertime Jumble