Sweltering By Christine Swiderski



12 Random words ( sweltering, curve future narrow cactus juvenile square answer, carve cough increase reflect)


Day started as a sweltering summer day. I lingered amongst the cactus and other vegetation. I cough when I even say the word vegetation. I lived in the north,. I now live in the desert south. Not by choice. I reflect on when I considered my future never in my wildest dreams did I see myself in the desert. Narrow was my juvenile view of the world. We carve our destination by what life throws at us not by what we think we need or want. The increase comes from the old saying 'when life throws you lemons you make lemonade.' I was thrown a curve when the company I had worked for 20 plus years went bankrupt. I took what I learned plus my talent and went West Young Man.. Yes it's in a Toby Kieth song. Anyways here I am as a plumber, excavator I know how to trench and irrigate the inhabitants. It is a million dollar industry. The answer is not always simple but the process will make a weak man strong when you square your shoulders and say. 'I can do it!' The answer doesn't blow in the wind it is in the determination of man.