At the Zoo By Christine Swiderski

At the Zoo


I decided to take the day off. As a kid I liked the zoo. Today I will take myself to the zoo. There was a long line of Moms with strollers wanting to get in. Finally I passed through the turnstile. I went to the restroom I was greeted with crying and a mom said “Just try and go sweetie we have a long walk before the next chance to go to the bathroom.”

The crying stopped I heard a steady stream being emitted into the toilet. Mom's voice was sweetly cooing “Good Girl.”

I finished my business washed up, as I was walking out of the bathroom there was a discussion going on as to which way to go to start the great adventure. I decided to just step out turn right and walk.

After visiting all there was to see making it on foot to the farthest end of the Zoo I decided rather then walking back I would take the small train. I was sitting in the back alone in my seat when a young man and his little girl asked if they could share my seat. I said “Certainly climb in.”

They settled in the little girl sat next to me. She was a gregarious little thing chattering away.

My name is Susie what is yours?”

My name is Lex.”

Lex is a funny name for a girl.”

My mom wanted a Lexus, what she got was me and no longer could afford a Lexus.”

What's a Lexus?”

An over priced car.”

She then turned to her dad and said “Do you like Lexus cars?”

He answered “Not really I agree with Lex, they are over priced cars.”

Our eyes met. We smiled at each other.

I asked “What is your name.”

He answered “Mitchell”

I nodded and said “You prefer being called Mitch”

He said “No”

I sat back and enjoyed the clickety clack of the tracks, sweet chatter of little voices and the toot of the whistle. Finally the engineer said “Here we are folks hope you enjoyed your day at the zoo.

I waited for Susie and Mitchell to get off. As I stepped off Mitchell came up to me and asked “Would you like to get an ice cream with Susie and I?”

I answered “No”

Susie whined “Why I thought you liked us?”

I said “I like you just fine, but pretentious fathers not so much.”

Susie looked at her dad and asked “What does pretentious mean dad?”

Mitchell said “She thinks I am stuck up.”

Just then Susie gave me a swift kick in the knee and stalked off.

Pain and puzzlement washed across my face and I said “Well Mitchell hope you had a nice trip to the zoo.”

At that I stuck my foot out as he turned to leave and he fell forward.

I never said I was mature.