Misunderstood by Christine Swiderski


So much of me is misunderstood

time in a bottle

goes by in slow motion

yet as I learn to speak

No one understands

I dance and draw

Create many beautiful things

Many stare

know one understands

It is as if

Time is in a bottle



How can they

I am wise beyond my years

Listen to me

I know best

My bottle is full

Not half empty

Here is where the problem is

All is wrong

No one knows

Their bottle is filled with pollution

we need to clean

there's no wisdom to glean

start with regulations

all the wrong in the world

end with grass roots change

Now we are green

those who helped me

with my wisdom of change

live in glass houses

along the line of sift

ever changing leaving us to drift

Am I missing understanding?

The sift of time

Or are these who rule

doing it without heart?

Leaving us to sift the sands

of time

As they pocket the sand.