When the Bell Tolls By Christine Swiderski

The Bell Tolls



12 Random words (Befitting, Bells, Yam, Spiders, Painful, Hydrant, Haunt, Plug, Railway,rare, Brainy, inject)



The bells were tolling signally it was noon. I was making yams and ham for dinner. Not far away there is a railway, I could hear the clatter of the wheels upon the rails. This sound was befitting a story of two lovers saying goodbye for the last time. Painfulrare surge went through my heart. I still long to hear my husbands voice as he walked in the door. He would laugh and say “I am home to kill any of the demon spiders.” I would inject what I felt was a brainy come back “Never fever Spiderman is here!” He would always laugh.

I have not heard nor seen him in nearly a year. The detective stops in on occasion to speak to me letting me know they are still looking for John's killer.

I looked out the window and dully watched a dog take a leak on a hydrant.

The coffee maker started to make a strange sound I reached for the plug to pull it out just as someone knocked on my door.

I asked who was there, no answer so I peaked through the curtain and saw a young man on my door stoop. Opening the door slightly I asked “What can I do for you?

He said “May I come in I believe there is something I can do for you.”

I stood with my hand on the door for a second before opening it to let this young man in. He went over to the dining table and sat down.

Sitting across from him he introduced himself to be simply Stan.

Stan started to tell me the tale of a woman who was dragging a large rolled up rug out of her house around 2 am. Putting the rug in the trunk of her car she slowly pulled away from the curb. I asked “What do you want.” He gave me his ridiculous demands. I looked over at my area rug and with one large whack with my iron skillet the young man was on the floor. I pushed him over to the rug rolled it up and waited till it got dark.