Tap Tap Tap By Christine Swiderski

Tap Tap Tap

By Christine Swiderski

As a little girl, I was always afraid of the dark. Now grown I still get the Hebe gebies when I hear a sound I cannot recognize. Add to this phobia it is Halloween weekend I am at my wit's end. The tricker treaters have long since gone home. All the porch lights are extinguished. It was late Saturday night I was lying awake not able to sleep. I could hear just outside my window a tap, tap, tap. At first, I tried to determine what would make that noise. A branch on the window.


I began to berate myself hoping to muster enough courage to go over to the window. I slowly inched my way across the room. My stomach clenched as did my derriere. Reaching for the shade, ever so slowly I pulled the cord. The darkness gave way to a moonlit backdrop. Staring at me was my reflection in the glass. I could still hear the tap tap tap. The sound was coming from below my window out of my view.


My husband had told me if he were not home I should never go to the door without something to defend myself with. I am not a fan of guns so the only thing I could think of was a pair of scissors. Fear and giddiness now seemed a part of this escapade. I remember my mother said, “Don’t run with scissors.” She never said don’t use them for defense. Sweat was starting to bead up on my body, clamminess replaced the cool clean skin I had when I went to bed. My hands started to shake as I reached the door to my bedroom.


I walked out of my bedroom and down the stairs. Once again I was transfixed with fear. I waited till the panic subsided. I walked slowly to the door. Unlocked the bolt, ever so carefully I opened the door. With scissors at my side just barely poking my head out the door I looked to where I thought the sound came from. A man was standing in my garden, he had turned toward me. I screamed! He said, “Martha calm down I forgot my key.”

My husband was home from Afghanistan and wanted to surprise me. After I beat him with my fists saying “You should have called” He picked me up and took me to bed.