She always wore a hat By Christine Swiderski

She always wore a hat


Anytime you would see Estelle Baker she would be wearing a hat. Some days it would be a floppy rimmed colorful sun hat. Other days it would be a ladies baseball cap with the big bow in the back. She presented herself as a lady. Her flashy colored 60's look did not seem to be out of style on her. Her crocheted purse with wide stripe design filled with all her personal needs, she would forever rummage through when she needed to make a purchase. Sweet and harmless is the way I would describe her. I am heartbroken to find that this has happened to such a sweet lady. As the patrolman continued to ask me and others questions concerning Friday night. My mind wandered wondering why Phil was at her house that night. I interrupted the officer as he was asking Nellie her recollection of Friday.

Officer excuse me, When Estelle came in to buy a security camera with motion detector she asked me if it was possible for the camera to connect to her computer when someone or something walked by it. Phil called over the counter saying that we indeed had a camera that would signal her computer and smart television for. I remember him saying it was the greatest and latest surveillance technology. Estelle talked with Phil for quite sometime before she came to the register to purchase the camera.

The officer nodded then asked “When was the last time you seen Phil?”

I answered by saying “When he left work Friday afternoon.”

The officer then asked “Did Phil agree to go to Estelle's house to install the camera?”

I said “We do not do instillation, we recommend two local business's to do the service. You may want to talk to them I will give you the names.”


The officer said there would be no need for me to give him the names he had already spoken to the business that indeed installed the camera and set it up the links to her two devices.


Again I wondered why Phil would have been at Estelle's house on Friday night. The Officer asked “Did Estelle say why she needed a surveillance camera?”


I thought for a moment and said: “She said there have been disturbances in her neighborhood. Trash cans knocked over. Tools missing from peoples garages, little things like that. She said she no longer felt safe in her own home.”


The officer nodded, he was asking all the questions at the same time being noncommittal as to why the questions. I finally had to ask “What happened to Estelle. I am assuming this is why you are asking these questions?”


The officer turned to me and said “Estelle was found standing under Phil as he hung naked upside down from her maple tree.”


This certainly did not compute Nellie asked before I did “Was he dead or Alive?”


The officer said “He was very much alive. Phil was asking Estelle to let him down when a neighbor approached to see what was going on, Estelle turned to the neighbor and said “You better mind your own business or this same thing will happen to you.” Estelle said she was interrogating the suspect.”


Phil did not press charges. Estelle is being held on a 72 hour psych evaluation.