The tough six

The tough six


You would think we would stop at two as the normal couple would. No, we went for 6. Many family and friends alike tease us and say 'cheaper by the dozen'. I cannot complain. I have had plenty of help from both family and friends. My husband still brings me flowers weekly. Our romance can be written in a poem. Husband said he would write me a poem one day. I know he will try but I hope he doesn't try to rhyme the words because it would take a great deal of restraint not to laugh.

Steam is dispensing in the air from the large meal I am making to feed my hungry crew. I wonder how many potatoes I have peeled over the years. I am sure there were countless loads of laundry. Even today when my feet hit the floor I am in constant motion. 4 of the 6 children are grown and out of the house. Mabel and Bill will be leaving the house after graduation. Both going away to college. I wonder if I will have what they call the 'empty nest syndrome' or will I garden, go to lunch with friends. Those things have always been therapeutic for me. My life, in a nutshell, has never been humdrum. The way I figure it, if even half of my children have children I will have a house filled with grandchildren. That would be okay with me.

When I was single, I loved to travel. I like to fantasize about those days.

When I traveled I preferred to brown bag it. Jumping into my van I tap on the windshield to shoo the neighbor’s cat of the hood of my van. He was forever sitting on the hood. My first stop would be the bank to withdraw money from my trust. My dad died in an accident at work. He was a coal miner. I remember dad getting off from work dropping his dirty clothes on the porch for mom to throw into the laundry. He would enter the kitchen and sit on a chair in his boxers until he finished one beer. Then he would go upstairs and shower. It all seemed normal to me.

Mom told me of the time they lived in Seattle. There was a term called brown paper bag. This term was used to distinguish the color of blackness. It would also determine if the customer would get served. We have come a long way since then. Every time I brown bag it, that story mom told me now and again comes to mind and it still has me shaking my head.

The biggest reason I pack my own lunch when I travel is because I am a basic picky eater. I like salad, fruit, sandwich for lunches. I never venture into the exotic items on a menu such as squid. The thought makes me squeamish.

Mabel is hoping to go to The University of Washington. Oceanography is something she is interested in. Funny how the mind drifts while you make dinner.