Evening desire by Christine Swiderski

Evening desire


My hectic week revolves around family obligations and work. Each evening I seek the solitude of my backyard, or within the pages of a book when the weather does not permit me to be out of doors. I tend to get a bit testy if I do not find time to unwind. My dog will follow me about hoping to play or settle at my feet. I am proud of my family of four. We seem to go about our lives understanding each other's boundaries. It is like a fine-tuned dance.

I spotted in my garden a toad. As I leaned down to get a closer look I also noticed five pesky weeds. I reached to pull the weeds and the toad jumped to get away from my reach. As he did my dog began to chase the toad. I called her off and she placidly came to my side. I am forever reminded what a sweet and peaceful dog she is.

The morning fog has begun to lift. Leaving a smelly musk odor. Sun started to burn through the trees heating the leaves and mulch. Pine scent soon took over the musk, the scent that reminds me of Christmas.

The ugliest part of the weekend is having still to do chores. Walking back into the house to see if everyone made their own beds, I was not disillusioned. The uptight notion dissipated immediately. Laundry I decided to tackle with a ragged resolve to finish it today so my tomorrow will be wide open, allowing me to keep the evening desire I so desperately need.

I am glad I overcame my fear of giving my notice at work. After working most of my life, my husband suggested I scale back at work. Instead, I decided to retire. I was a bit shy about telling my husband. Once I did I was pleasantly surprised he thought it was a nifty idea. He makes me smile with his outdated words. Who says nifty anymore?

I found a place to set a chair among the rose bushes in the sun. Coffee in hand and the timer nearby, I decided to kill two birds with one stone. Enjoy the solitude as well as timing  loads of laundry. Each time the buzzer went off I switched one load from the washer to the dryer. Folded and hung what was pulled from the dryer, readying it for the next load. In no time at all, I was finished.

My husband came in from golfing with Chicken Cobb salad for two from my favorite Bistro. We sat in the garden enjoying our lunch with Sassy at my feet. Once lunch was cleared away, Kyle and I decided to walk Sassy. As we meandered down our tree lined street my heart hoped that retirement would be countless days of these beautiful moments. Expanding my evening desire to daily rituals.