In the Midst by Christine Swiderski

In the Midst


Sitting along the bank. Downed log worked as a bench. The lake was as glass, cicadas violined their song. Fog slowly started to settle in, giving the impression of fire coming from the water with smoke wafting upward. The sunset lend this vision with it's fiery blaze.

Frogs croaked their chatter, birds slowly saying goodnight. Fragrance of moss mixed with pine reminds me of happier days. When Glenn and I would come here skinny dipping. We played as if there was no tomorrow. Yet tomorrow came leaving in it's wake a misery I never expected to endure. Not realizing it had become dark, I turned to try and focus on the path back to the house. I have walked this path millions of times. I know I can maneuver my way back with no problem. I just want to sit, melancholy had settled in with the fog. My children will be here tomorrow hoping to say goodbye, giving this farewell closure. How can you close a door that should never have been opened?

When man takes man's breath from them, it leaves a chasm of horror, anger, regret, fighting back the urge to take vengeance.


Yet vengeance only serves to feed the demon of destruction.

I walked back to the house numbly wishing I had not sent Glenn to the store for wine. Wrong place wrong time. The youth turned and shot as soon as he stepped in the door. I cannot wrap my head around a young person at the age of 20, believing his need for money was worth more than Glenn's life.


Every night sense, I watch the news hearing the reporter recount over and over again similar killings. They kill their neighbors and innocent bystanders.


I Scream at the television “To what end?”


Someone did not teach these young people the sanctity of life. Importance of love thy neighbor. Are their lives so devoid of hope they no longer care?


Breathing in the cool damp air blowing through the window. Panels of sheers billow up, knocking over a porcelain figurine Glenn gave me. He said it reminded him of us, a couple holding their embrace, nude and lustful. The figurine shattered along with my heart. All the kings horse's and all the kings men could never put this together again.


Humanity needs to take a price check on Isle 5, putting back on the shelf the proper value of life, love and pursuit of happiness. Justice is no longer served when the random angry person takes a hollow shot. The shot rings out as the blood is spilled. Earth and all it's inhabitants grieve the loss.