I have done dark By Christine Swiderski

I have done dark


Not dangerous yet at the fringe

grasping at reality nonexistent

wanting peace and love


Choices I make, make me

roller-coaster ride is what I need

The high of conflict is desirable

My relativity is half full


Needing the bad

Hoping for the good

I am not the person

In the hood


Conflict much to my chagrin

parents grieve my loss

opposite of boring

those who love are in mourning


What then is the end?

Needle in the hay stack

Is their and my worse fear

It is near


No outreach can come near

Politicians grin near

disingenuous is the plague

as my yearning is vague


The indigenous pot

has no handle to be grasped

Answer is in the air

swiftly shifting with those who care


What is the answer I dare?

Please. wisdom do share.

Love me despite if you care.
Yet enablers beware.