Should have stayed home conclusion by Christine Swiderski

Should have stayed home conclusion


It was a colossal mistake going out to the bar that night. My best friend Sheila is now dead by the hands of my blind date Kevin. I know Mark is dead but no body no crime. Kevin is in the wind. Here I sit on a plastic chair in my new home. I changed my last name to my mother's maiden name. It seems strange to be called Laura Kaminski. My boss was very understanding when I told him I needed to relocate. The police searched for Mark and Kevin and found only clothing but no body and no Kevin.


The company I work for has a subsidiary in Canada. Quick observation out my window, would make you think is was a large city in the States. I did a frantic search for a place to rent, battled the legalities of changing my name. I never realized how difficult it was to get a passport, change the name on all my bank accounts, credit cards. What an ordeal. The good thing is I did meet a great guy. Mike Taylor. Mike works for the same company as I do. He is based just over the bridge in Port Huron Michigan. We see each other on weekends and speak every day. I am not sure where it is going but I am enjoying the ride.


Tonight is date night. I finally have furniture being delivered. I went to the market, bought all the fixings for an Italian dinner. Lasagne, salad, wine, and Biscotti for dessert. I have been productive while at my new office. The uppity higher ups have taken notice. There're  some mumblings about giving me a new position in the company. I am all for a bump in salary. Mike will be here shortly. I need to get myself in gear. After I put the plastic chair on my small balcony, I decided to jump in the shower and make myself presentable.


Stepping out I could smell the lasagna. My stomach beckoned its aroma. Looking into the mirror the image I saw was someone quite different than the girl 6 months ago. Fear changes you. Especially the paranoia that comes with knowing there is a murderer out there probably wanting to find you and silence you.


I had just finished dressing and slathering the last coat of mascara across my lashes when I heard the key in the lock. Mike has arrived. My heart and loins filled with anticipation.

What I found when I stepped out of the bedroom was far from my fantasy date. It was the nightmare that moved me into another country. I stood transfixed. Kevin smiled and said hello. My brain was working so fast I did not realize I was actually moving. Kevin walked slowly over to me. My right hand was slightly behind me near my buttocks. I stepped forward and slightly over to the right. My fingers worked the small drawer of the end table. I felt the cold steel, grasped it and smiled at Kevin. Slowly bringing it around to the front of me, flicking the safety from off to on. Raising the gun, pointing at Kevin I said “Hi”


Kevin smiled broader and said: “There is no way you have what it takes to use that gun.”


I said: “Bet your life on it?”


Glancing behind Kevin I saw Mike step into the room. Again things happened in slow motion. I was not sure what to do. If I shot Kevin I could hit Mike. Mike stood for a moment and I said “Mike let me introduce you to Kevin. Kevin killed Mark and Sheila”


Mike said “He also broke into my apartment and stole the keys. I have surveillance to prove it. The police are on their way.”

I did not trust this situation. Experience has proven that Kevin is capable of anything. In a split second, Kevin's arm came around to grab me. The gun went off. The sound was so loud near deafening. When my vision cleared, Kevin was on the floor and so was Mike. I jumped over Kevin, falling on my knees near Mike's head.


Mike pushed up and said “Holy shit!”


I cried “You're alright?”


Mike said: “ Yep when I see a girl with a gun I lay flat as I can.”


I laughed and said: “Dinner is nearly ready.”


We were holding each other when the police arrived. I am glad it is over.