Magic Carpet Ride By Christine Swiderski

Magic Carpet Ride


Tassels, and beads webbed design

In minds eye colorful dreams

Escaping to the mountain

That holds the rainbows dreams

Hyper thoughts creative juices

creating art from words

Paint the picture set before

the thirsty eyes of a reader

Transport their souls

Upon this Magic Carpet Ride

Drama of love and romance

sprinkle in loss and intrigue

Glue them to the main character

whisk them away within this world

The adventure of make believe

Convince them that it's real

Cause them to cry, laugh and yell

All on the same page

Yes bring into their minds

As the tassels tickle their funny bone

Beads of sweat rise to the crescendo

alas settle them on the fabric of words

Hoping they will enjoy

The magic carpet ride.