When Darkness falls By Christine Swiderski

When darkness falls


When darkness falls upon the heart of man

Light diminishes in the land

thrones of sulfur pulsates within

Hate's aggressions destroys the land

Owners, freethinkers forfeit their rights

With every dark heart that ignites

How do we put out the blaze

Families of the soulless maze?

Politicians with a cause?

Promising a pocket full of miracles?

Is this the answer?

Or something fancier?

Shall we press back again

Speaking the truth from above

Tell all to love

Judging each man

By the integrity of his plan

Starting in our own mirror

the glare will be clearer

Taking that wisdom to

The politicians who knew better

There is no right in wrong

It is part of the throng

Holding them responsible

For the trouble they cause

Holstering our fear and rage

Let honesty take the stage.

Integrity is in the putting

Not in the shooting

Take back our streets

One harden soul each time we meet.