Back in the Day By Christine Swiderski

Back in the day


My grandmother had her ideas

Mixed with customs and heritage

No texting nor e-mails

Personal penmanship a must

When urgent, send a cable

Files were in boxes or cabinets

Indoor plumbing was a luxury

Owe no one, give to the needy

Greatest treasure Family

Next on the list was Friends

Garner equality through integrity

Trust was earned

Kill to eat or protect your own

Shared confidence to few

Honor your handshake

Your word was your name

Build up, do not destroy.

Pray for your enemies

As you pray for family

Rejoice in good never evil

Even if the evil befell your enemy

Each second on earth is a gift.

Waste not a moment

Moments can be stolen

In a blink of an eye

Worship only who can walk on water

Respect your elders and leaders

Hold them to a high standard

trust is earned, not entitled

Regret only your sin

Never loose a moments sleep

Over the sin of another

All are created equal

Not all respect creation nor equality

Live with love, laugh even to tears

When loaned something

give it back in better condition

That especially includes hearts

Give, as it has been given to you.