Creaks and Bumps in the Night By Christine Swiderski

Creaking, and Bumps in the night (Halloween)

By Christine Swiderski

The Police arrived soon after I called. A young patrolman sat along side me and asked me to tell him what happened tonight.

My husband Paul and I turned out our porch light at 7 pm. With the remainder of the candy equally divided we settled in to watch reruns of Mash on TV.

Taking all the empty wrappers to the kitchen garbage I noticed someone walk passed my kitchen window, I called to Paul asked if he was expecting anyone, he said no why? I told him what I had seen out my kitchen window. He came into the kitchen turned the back porch light on and peered into the night.

Paul said: “It is probably just a kid taking a shortcut through the yard.”

Just then we heard what sounded like a garbage can being toppled over, a cat screeched, dogs started to bark. Paul went to investigate. He was out there 5 minutes before I heard him yell my name “Stella” I turned on all the outside lights. When I got to the back corner of our property the darkness settled in. I tripped and fell on Paul. I could feel the stickiness of his blood, he was not breathing. That is when I called you.

The officer said for me to stay seated and let the paramedic have a look at me. The paramedic said I was in shock. A detective came over to me, he knelt down and said: “I just want to ask her a couple of questions.”

Mam, do you know anyone who has a large serrated hunting knife?”

I answered: “Paul does he keeps it in the barn with his hunting gear.”

Thank you, mam, one more question, were you and Paul having any difficulty with a neighbor or a coworker?”

I answered: “No sir not that Paul had mentioned.”

The detective asked permission to check the barn, I gave him permission, he then came back and showed me Paul’s knife, I nodded and said: “Yes that is his knife his dad gave it to him.”

Tomorrow I will notify the family. I now have to be the bereaved wife.

A month later:

They finally finished everything they needed to do. It took a month. They arrested the recluse neighbor 3 properties down. I figured it was safe to call you, I will be arriving in Austin by the end of the month. I sold the house and am finishing up all the details of the estate. Love you darling.”

Love you too precious. Can’t wait to see you. A month is too long to be apart”