Working Girl By Christine Swiderski

Working in the city is tantamount to working in a jungle. Yes, I know you have heard that before. It is a zoo of animalistic personalities. Completely beyond dog eat dog. If a dog came to you ravenous with hunger you would know it.

The real world is a calm sweet smile being friendly and unassuming. All the while that smile masks a fungus breeding within their intentions to nail you to the wall.

A song came on my car radio. A new version of 'The sound of Silence' By Disturbed. This rendition resonates with me. The passion poignantly gives each word its precise power.

I wish I could say I have squirreled away enough money to make an exit from this cruel race. My fantasy would include the legendary song 'Take this job and shove it' . No, I am stuck in this grinding ever present devouring atmosphere. My hope is, this doesn't change who I am. I know at this point I have become callous, more skeptical when people tell me they are being honest.

Today my boss told me since we know each other intimately he could grant me a wish occupationally. I laughed and said, "Don't piss in the wind and tell me it's raining."

I am glad he laughed and did not take it personally. I was granted my wish. I needed a change in where I fend off the animals. The company has another office in Michigan. I said yes to this. He laughed and said, "Hope you enjoy the winters."

I grew up in Florida, moved to Nebraska to get away from the heat. Ended up in Ohio gagging on the smog until the clean act started to compel some companies to be humane.

My rental is in Grosse Point. I have a short commute to Clinton township. Traffic is the same in any metropolitan area. You have to drive as though you are a bandit running from your last caper.

Along Gratiot, there are numerous comedic anomalies. You can find a pigeon being fed by an elderly couple, directly next to them is a man in a cape waiting for a bus. I clicked my tongue a few times when I see young girls dressed scantily, wearing lingerie type clothing as evening wear. Horns honked, their smiles were demure and surprised, giggling their way into their futures force, which will sweep them away into a vast cavern of abuse and neglect.

Today was special only in the sense I sailed through each traffic light. I could not wait to get back to my little-rental house, take off my shoes, strip down to my underwear and open a bottle of wine.

I never let anyone at work know where I live or what I do in my off time. That includes co-workers and clients.

I love jazzy violin music when I wind down. Continually being expected to perform at the top of my game every minute of the day wears me down to the nub of my psyche. I opened my windows letting the family sounds, Barbeque aromas filter in transporting me to a quieter more loving time in my life. The time before the witch and the wardrobe, whisked me away, once I stepped into the world of foster families and social services I lost my soul.

My first family the Foster Father was a coach of a little league team and a Scout Master. It did not take long to find out, not only did he like little boys he liked little girls. I was 12 years old when my elderly parents died. My mother was 50 when she had me. I had no siblings, many of the family members predeceased my parents. There was no other place to go.

Looking back I wonder if I had not spoken out. If I had not told on Mr. Mason and just endured my life. Would it have turned out better? Instead, I spoke out, he got a slap on the wrist I was imported to another world that was more nefarious than anything Mr. Mason could dish out.

This was a Buffet of many appetites. The menu ranged from Boy's to girls to animals depending upon the clientele. That is how I became savvy in this ever changing world of sex. I decided by the age of 16 I will become the hostess with the most. I want to pick and choose my clientele. I want to make money, eventually stow it away and run to another corner of the universe.

I am almost there, being now a ripe old age of 19. My last boss giving me the genie in the bottle wish while I rubbed his lantern removed me from his prying eyes. He knew me too well. He knew where I would hide my assets. Now I can start fresh, become more integrated into this community and hopefully win my freedom.

Tomorrow is my day off. I only get one day off a week. I chose Friday because that is when many men tell their wives they are working late and troll around for something to snack on. Even in the high end of escort dating, this can be annoying and dangerous. These are the types that invariably get physical. Slap, roll play then they go back to the sweet missionary wifie. These wives would not put up with the harsh treatment. The men know their wives would take a pair of pliers to their favorite pass time and turn them into screaming little boys they really are. I like their remedy, yet I still need the monetary cushion to keep me in the lifestyle I have been accustomed to.

Oh, I relish my day off. Getting home today with its cool damp breeze brought a measure of community I long for. An hour into my lounging euphoria there was a knock at my door. I grabbed a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, padded over looking through the peep hole I seen a lady with a big gracious grin on her face. I opened the door not wanting to seem tentative and smiled back with a big, "Hi"

She invited me to the block party. The last party of the season. She explained it is the party the neighbors celebrated back to school. I laughed and said I would be right out. As I mingled many said I looked too young to be living on my own. I told them "I hear that all the time I am 28. My mom still gets carded." In my heart, I wish that were true.

I met everyone in a whirlwind of introductions. It seemed to me the party started before it hit the streets. Soon it became apparent this was nothing more than an adult nursery without supervision. A rotting seaweed of polite neighborly barrel of wholesomeness that had rotted to the core. The cider wantonness had a bite to it. Play or you would be plagued. How is this atmosphere different from that of foster care?

I cannot wrap my head around what I thought I wanted and what stands before me. Is the world different out there? Or do I have to move to another planet?