Softness of Snow Chapter 2 By Christine Swiderski

Softness of the snow Chapter 2



They brought the large plastic tub up to the house with much fanfare from Kirby and Foster who were both beside themselves with excitement.

Mark was the first to speak “You will not believe what they found.”

Lauren added, “Mom this is right up your ally you are gonna love what the snow angel brought you.”

Mona lovingly scolded 'Will you hurry up I cannot stand the suspense.”

I went slowly and quietly or so I thought back towards the table for another cinnamon roll, Mona calls out “Ray I know what you are up too, you better leave some for Mark and Lauren they just worked up a hunger for a warm cinnamon roll, don't be selfish you old goat!”

Well, she had a point, so instead I grabbed a couple of cookies, hey what could it hurt right?

Finally, Lauren and Mark put the tub down on the tile in the mud room, Foster and Kirby were sniffing and wagging their tails, that is when we heard a squeal or was it two. The lid was lifted and there were three pups in the tub, they were each huddled together, seemed to be about 8 weeks old, our neighbor is a retired Vet, Mona got on the phone right away, Gordon said he would be right over. The girls just cooed and hugged the three pups. Mark went and got some dog food, put some water in each bowl, to wet the food hoping it would be easier for the pups to eat.

Those three little sisters scarfed that food down in no time, by the time they were finished Gordon was at the door, with his bag of Vet supplies. He also had his Nephew Steve in tow. Steve is a veterinary assistant, and going for his degree in animal husbandry.

They surmised the pups seemed in good health considering being left in the cold, did not seem to have any frostbite, they kept each other warm. Not knowing if the pups had their shots , blood was drawn and was being sent in for a titer test, also since they were pups they wormed them, checked for fleas. They seemed to be in good health.


You can imagine how much fun we had that day and night playing with these pups, the joy was back in the atmosphere, riotous laughter seems to come with puppies I guess.

By 8 pm the pups were exhausted as were Kirby and Foster, the adults were settled in for the night each having their liquid night caps, softly talking. Just the Christmas lights twinkling in the house. Mona looked out our North window and exclaimed, “Oh Ray look at the large snowflakes it is just beautiful.”

The morning of the 27th, actually it seemed as if it was in the middle of the night, the pups decided it was time for someone to get up. Mona volunteered, she is thrilled at the prospect of training these 3 girls, who's name will be Zelda, Wilma, and Karma. Gordon says he believes they are Rottweiler Lab mix. They are gonna be big girls, but sweet fun girls.

We were all surprised there was no mess in the box, the girls went out with a furry flight behind Kirby and Foster, into the snow, yapping, nipping then as suddenly as the ruckus started it stopped they each stopped for the moment to do their business. By this time the whole house was up, a bit groggily since it was 5 am, yet each of us had a stupid grin on our faces, you cannot help it with pups in the house.

I am amazed how Mona had already bonded with the pups, they are taking cues from Mona and it seems also from Kirby and Foster. They sat or tried to sit and wait for their breakfast, there was so much drool you could have squeegeed it into a bucket and washed a car. Once given the command, they dug into their breakfast with as much relish and scarfing noise as I do when there is bacon.

Coffee in hand, we each sat down and watched the antics of these five new friends, playing. All except for me, it was my turn to make breakfast, you put a man in charge of breakfast there will be platters full of meat, eggs, potatoes. Mona always adds some fruit to any combination I put out, she says it balances their digestion.

We were sitting around the table enjoying this carnivorous feast when Lauren started to laugh uncontrollably, we all turned to see what he was looking at and joined him in laughing. There was a line up of dogs staring at us eating this feast drooling. Mona gave the command “No kitchen, settle” Kirby and Foster knowing the command went to their pillows, Mona had left 3 folded towels sitting next to each other on the floor for Zelda, Wilma and Karma, very gently and patiently Mona got from the table taking each pup placing them on their towels and said “No kitchen, settle, lay down,” By the end of the day they got as far as their towels but stood, till they were too tired, then they curled up and slept. During the day Mike and Lauren went to town got each pup a large cage, each with their own fluffy pillows, we have a large room I used to use as an office which is practically taken over by the cages, from here on when the girls are told to settle we will slowly put them in their cages. I am enlisted as Mona's assistant trainer it should go a bit faster.