Arms Length By Christine Swiderski

Arms length

Forever at Arm's length

Judge by the side of the isle

The nib is mightier than truth

Rescue cubed within cities

Turns the picture bleak

No longer law and order

Hatred’s voice plastered proof

Tolerance only for select few

Egregious taunting disrespect

Hand and fist rage out the call

Rubbing the quaint off the wall

Late night guitar strums the song

Bolstering all that is wrong

Fang sinks into the grapes of wrath

Clipping away a broken path

United we stand together we will fall

Wag the dog paid by the corrupt

Climb on a bus rally and disrupt

Burn and scorn what isn’t yours

Criminal intentions nefariously wrought

Insolency dishonors true believers

We the people voted our choice

Standing firm upon convictions

Hope and change is within the frame

Constitution will be recovered

What is wrong will be righted

Despite the cry of a few

Hail to the red white and blue