Feb. 25, 2017

You can't Tell

You Can’t tell
My gait is different.
Introspection obscured.
Confusion within
You can’t tell!

My gaze in the mirror
Mirror image haunts
Anxiety wells within
You can’t see

I am convinced
My difference will offend
Acceptance is a distant hope
You can’t understand

Muddled within
Grasping for acceptance
Mental irregular diagnosis
You can’t speak!

Why be the same?
A drummers beat,
Difference pounded
Acceptance Obscured.

Private moments
Are and should be private
Can’t tell
Can’t see

My acceptance
Begins with me
Walking the walk
Standing firm!

Truth rises within
Needing NO validation!
You can’t see.
What you do not know.

Understanding is strength
Hope rises from within!
Acceptance of Self!
Needs no outside Validation!

Truth is not challenged
By falsehood!
Grasping at straws of society
Only depletes reality.

Wisdom is knowing
My path is straight
The narrow of thinking
Does not destroy Me

Christine Swiderski