Disruption By Christine Swiderski


When the power goes out the electricity has been disrupted. When a voice is silenced the power has been disrupted.  Disruption, with the expressed purpose, to silence something you disagree with seems childish to me. It brings to mind my sister blocking her ears all the while yelling “la la la la”. Only because I told her she could not borrow my sweater. There was no gain for her she was being a brat.  I am telling you all this to explain what happened today at the mall.

I had just finished trying on a dress. I stood holding the hanger up trying to decide if I wanted to buy it or just move on. In my head, I was saying: “Do you need this dress or do you want this dress?” I decided I wanted and needed the dress. As I carried it to the cashier I heard voices being raised near a display of T-shirts. One woman wearing a hat was saying: “I don’t see what the big deal is?”

Another woman said: “What is written on it is insensitive.”

The woman with the hat responded: “I don’t see how it is insensitive; all it says is Girl Power. That is a slogan from the 90’s. My daughter would love it.”

The other woman responded: “You should be teaching your daughter that it’s a sexist slogan.”

The woman with the hat said: “What is it to you? I don’t understand why you care what I buy my daughter?”

The other woman said: “I am tired of you people who cannot understand our society, it is not all about men and women or boys and girls we should be all one in thought and power.”

I shook my head at that convoluted thinking. She is disrupting just to disrupt. Or maybe she is disrupting in the hope that one day we will change our minds just like my sister. What my sister ended up doing,  while I was out of my room she took the sweater put it in her backpack and wore it when she got to school. I did not find out till it was too late. I suppose it is a form of programming. Are we slowly being programmed? When I was a kid we were told that TV was being used to program our minds through their subliminal messages. I always thought that was a bunch of whoa. Now with obstructionism, violent protests the set rule seems to be anarchy with no thought for the rule of law.

God made us all different, no snowflake is exactly the same. A diamond in the ruff has to be polished to perfection as does a pearl.

I work in advertising, and my work involves listening to the subliminal messages of humanity. Watching and listening to these two ladies trying to understand each other gave me the sense maybe one side understands the other side and tries to confuse the other side to keep them off their game. Sarcasm facilitates irony to mock or convey contempt, and there is plenty of contempt going around.

As an advertiser, I try to harness that which is the trend in society. Obstructionism seems to be part and parcel with Judges these days. Sadly Judges are to be non-political and impartial in their judgments’ upholding the constitution and rule of law.  I need to ponder how to harness this and relate it to the product I will be pitching.

Hair Products are an easy product to advertise, but making people believe they need each and every product within the line your client are offering is the challenge.

Acirema products offer Shampoos, conditioners, hair spray, gel, mousse and shining serum.

My pitch to my clients will take place as soon as we land.

Acirema shampoo will enlighten your very style through the cleansing power without stripping its natural beauty and ability to seduce

Acirema Conditioners will soften each strand as you push back the obstructive disenfranchised strands

Acirema hair sprays, gels and mousse create a beautifully coiffured look giving freedom to choose your style.

Acirema products do not discriminate they are good for all hair Textures men and women whether dressed for success or merely needing to use the restroom of their choice.

The product will be portrayed successfully with adults in various jobs being nonconformists in a confining job. You will stand out in style and brilliance liberally adding definition and conservatively hold its style.

I am not sure my clients are ready for something that edgy but I know they want to be noticed and I believe the best way to be noticed is not to be loud but to be controversial. The squeakier the wheel the more attention it gets.

I want to offer this product as a unisex product, unscented unencumbered for undiscriminating minds and use.

As I disembark, I waved to the two passengers who had a scuffle over ideology; I walked over and handed them samples of Acirema products. I said to them: “Hope you each enjoy the products. They will enhance what is already beautiful in each of you. Depending on how you use the freedom they give you.”

They seemed happy with their freebies; most people are happy with a handout. Now if I can actually get people to buy it for themselves to enjoy the product as it was intended would be idyllic.