Do I? By Christine Swiderski

Do  I ?

Do I answer the call?

Do I give my all?

Do I stand in the gap?


Even when the call is obscured?

Even when the call is unpopular?

Even when I am demonized?


Do I stand my ground?

Do I risk my life?

Do I pray?


Even when the stand is unpopular?

Even when the risk is my life?

Even when I pray and the answer isn’t Popular?


60’s we were cursed!

Later there was a new verse.

What will today bring?


The Commander and chief is smeared!

Other chiefs scurrying for cover.

I am called to stand in the gap!


Integrity does not adhere to hoax

Popularity is not a jump from a bridge

I stand in the gap!


I am a Marine!

I am Army

I am Air force!

I am Navy!


I am your gap!

I uphold the values!

Your hearts may waver, I won’t!