The Boogie Man By Christine Swiderski

As a child, he was under my bed

I grew and he was in my head.

I read he is everywhere

In  government

And who sells my underwear

My dog wags his tail

I learn who he is trying to please

I smile he is happy

It brings me to my knees

I no longer pray for wisdom

I just want my kingdom to come

As a child, I participated

Never expecting to be congratulated.

The right is putting me asunder

Saying I am part of the plunder

The rest of a room is my domain

I will assert myself and make a name

Established within a left, there’s an open spot.

Here ye here ye I am not the boogie man

It is them over the great seas

That are trying to plunder thee!

Catch them if you can

While you are busy I will push

I like the attention and the rush.

You are shown for your misdeeds

My life is mine

You have no idea who I am

You are the true boogie man

Taking my vote for granted

We have become disenchanted

Get with the program

Or I will take a stand

No longer a silent majority

But a pissed off party of many

Limits in terms is a start

The swamp is not just one party

It’s the established hierarchy

Prince Charles has someone dress him

I am no longer paying for

The intimate humidor

Candor is grander

No longer incorrect

Let’s start showing some respect!

I am an adult!

I know who the boogie man is!