A Wheelbarrow a wagon and a trailer By Christine Swiderski

A Wheelbarrow a wagon and a trailer

I was pushing my wheel barrel filled with debris along the roadside as I was picking up what others had discarded. Along came a man on a tractor pulling a wagon filled with manure. He titled his hat with a howdy call out.

I continued my efforts picking up debris that others had discarded when along came a man pulling a trailer filled with all sorts of niceties. Heading I supposed to a special vacation spot. Out of the passenger window came a bag of nonsense, I raised my fist and picked it up along my journey of cleaning up other peoples debris.

Later this day my wife dragged me to garage sales, as we combed through what others no longer want I realize there were treasures amidst the debris of collectibles. It was hard to decide what to take and what to leave. Unlike what those who readily dispose of along their way of freedom of choice.

Bring me your tired, poor, Huddled masses as long as they are yearning to be free. The golden door is tarnished by the disposables, deplorable hoping to toss their trash into this golden melting pot soon it will become the poisoned stew.

I pull myself out of my melancholy hoping that one day this land my fathers fought for will once again become the brilliant golden door.